At Great Dane Enterprises we are a professional sales and marketing company serving Canada and the Great Lakes area of the USA. We have been supplying the Two-Way Radio industry for over 25 years with “State of the Art” equipment. Our Regional Sales Managers are industry veterans of the Two-Way Radio communications market with in-depth knowledge of Radio Systems including P25, DMR, TETRA, Simulcast, MPT, and Conventional applications. Through their expertise we are also able to assist with your Console, Antenna, Digital Linking, Combining, and Power requirements.

KnowledgeBaseCheck out our Knowledge Base, it contains all the latest documentation on Rohill TETRA systems, Funkwerk TETRA radios, Dispatch Consoles, Simoco DMR products and P25 Simulcast systems. Download the latest brochures, tech documents, and build-out plans.

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